Natasha Malik

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Workshop Information

Group Regressions please contact for prices of workshops
Individual sessions £60-£80 per session (concessions are possible).

The next group regression via zoom is on Tuesday 13th October 7-9pm Tuesday 1st December 7-9pm

Natasha trained in San Francisco with leading hypnotherapist Richard Sutphen in June 2008 specialising in Past Life regression.  Natasha holds individual and group sessions.  Working with individuals to help seek understanding in the karma they are currently experiencing.

Individual and Group Past Life Regression is for those who have an interest in discovering how the past influences your current life.  Working with past life memories can help resolve cases of depression, anxiety and other inexplicable symptoms.  Difficulty in relationships can be clearly understood when the past throws a clear light on the connection with the person concerned.


‘My past life regression with Natasha came at a time when it was exactly what I needed.  We focused on exploring my blocks to abundance and I was very immediately and clearly shown the spiritual and past life roots.  I can't thank Natasha enough for being a key puzzle piece in my release from past life karma and future abundance.’ - Chiedza Chashe, South London

‘I find Natasha's Past Life Regression workshops deeply relaxing and very beneficial. I can learn a lot from the lessons I receive and the people and other beings I meet there!’ - Justin, Camden


Group Regressions

Natasha will explain the process and begin with talking through body relaxation. You then create a tunnel through which you will access a past life still affecting you now. The purpose of that life will be found when Natasha concludes the regression by guiding everyone up to higher self, where you will ask questions of your spirit guide, and find out how all the details in the past-life relate to your current life. Many participants feel the journey up into spirit is the most valuable part of the process. You will be given extra time to ask your own personal questions. The group will experience a deep journey together which continues to work after the session.


‘Through the process of my regression with Natasha I discovered an incident happened over 300 years ago was the cause of the pain in my legs.  Since visiting the past I understood that my pain has nothing to do with this life and my pain has vanished.  During the session  Natasha is caring, supportive and attentive.’ - Sukti, Bounds Green