Natasha Malik

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Natasha has been meditating and practising mindfulness regularly since 2001. She has taken part in varying approaches included intensive zen retreats and has trained in TM. Her daily practice is Tibetan Buddhist of which she has taken part in a number of retreats. Natasha encourages students to return to the present while teaching Yoga sessions and has been teaching mindfulness sessions since 2015 weekly in a rehabilitation centre and a number of offices in London including Yahoo.

A student once shared that she worries less which is one of the many benefits we can benefit from regular meditation practice. Science has proven we can experience more peace, more acceptance of what is, more compassion for the self and towards others, develop intuition, sleep more soundly and increase immunity. With the practice of various meditation techniques, the main one being breath awareness students can discover which practice works best for them.

Bringing mindfulness into the workplace helps employees increase attention and motivation, experience an improvement in well being and more clarity as stress is reduced. Team connection and leadership can also be effected in a positive way as kindness and compassion is enhanced due to the practice. Happier staff can only lead to greater things!

If you would like to book a taster session or an 8 week course please contact for more information.



Since her Reiki training in 2000 Natasha has developed her own unique way of combining colour and other forms of spiritual healing in a positive, calm and encouraging way.  Healing empowers an individual to recognise themselves at their deepest level and increases their own awareness of insight into Spirit.  Natasha teaches at Helios Healing School in Kings Cross (


‘I have found Natasha's unique mix of healing profoundly beneficial in helping me cope with ongoing shoulder pain following an accident. I would not hesitate in recommending Natasha's healing skills to others ’ - James, Hampstead

Healing - Live Life with Renewed Hope

Natasha has created a new type of healing which is an amalgamation of all the healing tools she has achieved over the years of practice. A session can incorporate relaxation techniques, meditation, visualisation, inner child connection, reiki, colour healing, spiritual healing, breathing exercises and yoga asanas.

A healing session may include one or more of the above approaches, depending on the individual's needs. There will be an exploration into finding the avenue that needs to be unravelled. A deeper sense of knowing of the self is achieved through these sessions. Levels of courage and determination are enhanced to make it through the challenges of life with easier footing.

Moving beyond internal barriers to enable a full and happy life in all areas. With the release of the old unserving patterns change is possible.


‘I have known Natasha from many years of practicing Yoga with her and recently asked her for help with feeling stressed and unbalanced. Her warm response and the time she took in understanding my situation quickly reassured me.
Through a mixture of inner child connection, colour and reiki healing she allowed me to explore my emotions and thoughts in a refreshingly different yet safe and relaxing way. Thanks to Natasha's unique form of guidance I left relieved and with enhanced trust in my personal intuition. I now feel much better equipped and refreshed in my approach to larger and smaller challenges.’ - Wiebke, Hackney

Healing sessions

£60-£80 per hour (concessions are possible) at Helios, 116 Judd Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 9NS.